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Torture Transfers Denial of Due Process: Open Society

Mar 17 2012 criticism for its use of torture other violations of detainees' rights. This report ... the use of electric shock abuse of genitals and threats of sexual abuse were confirmed in ..... Art. 275criminalizestorture and states that if public officials ( including all NDS and .... and my penis with a cable several times..

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On Torture: Abu Ghraib Jasbir K. Puar

Aug 8 2005 The torture of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Ghraib is neither exceptional nor singular as .... As I argue in this article deconstructing exceptionalism ...... put it on the detainee's penis make the detainee's hand go back and forth as ... the electrical supplement) in the 1970s.58 In fact it is indeed this imageĀ ....

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includes isolated instances of treatment rising to the level of torture such as electric shock severe boxing of the ears that can cause eardrum damage.3 TheĀ .

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