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I would like to thank Sunila S. Kale for her invaluable critical insights; Prachi Deshpe . the realm of the “peasant” to that of the middle class and the general Indian ... 7 See the edited volume by David Ludden Reading Subaltern Studies (New ... Chatterjee in the first publication in the Subaltern Studies series in 1982..

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On the Parameterized Complexity of the Neeldhara Misra

Prachi Goyal† Vikram Kamat† Neeldhara Misra† Graph coloring problems are a broad and fundamental class of problems involving an assignment of ... theoretic assumptions [4 7 13] has added a new dimension to the field and ....

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Simplifying Podcasting Eric

Prachi Parashar Pay method of publishing s to the Internet allowing users to .... relevant to the class – you can also grade this activity. .... Page 7 ....

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